After 70 days of hunger strike, for being detained awaiting trial



All three detainees, arrested after the European Social Forum demonstration, on the 6th of May 2006, are being released after a decision by the Jurys’ Council. They will be free under restrictions, still awaiting trial, to prove their innocence, as they claim. Two out of the three detainees have been on a hunger strike since December, protesting against their 8-month imprisonment, which had been based on some obscure testimonies by policemen. Since Tarassio Zandarozni, has been on a hunger for 70 days and Yerassimos Kyriakopoulos for 54 days, they are in hospital as they have already had severe disturbance on their health [latest update].

Since the first day of hunger strike there have been dozens of solidarity actions by anarchist comrades all over Greece; ranging from demos and taking over of radio stations to attacks on police stations, bank explosions, even a huge banner demanding their release, attached to helium balloons and set off in the air amongst hundreds of unsuspected cops during the new year’s eve fireworks display, to the embarrassment of gathered politicians and tv crews that were broadcasting live the celebration. Also, in Thessaloniki, the baby doll for Jesus Christ was stolen from the city’s christmas crib while in its place a cd was left with propaganda material demanding the release of the prisoners [från Indymedia Athen].

Förutom aktioner har en hel del demonstrationer och annat också ägt rum i och utanför Grekland sen anarkisterna blev anhållna.

Mer på Samhällsfeber om Grekland senaste månaden.


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