Martial law declared in Guinea



Guinea’s president has declared martial law after unions resumed their strike against his rule and at least nine people were killed in violent protests. Lansana Conte, the West African country’s longtime leader, said he hoped to prevent further deaths after machete-wielding mobs rampaged through towns, including the capital Conakry, on Monday… Unions resumed the nationwide stoppage because Conte named close ally Eugene Camara as prime minister on Friday. Union leaders said this violated a power-sharing deal to end an 18-day strike last month which left more than 90 people dead and tested Conte’s grip on power. ”We sincerely hope the president will name a prime minister who suits the people,” said Boubacar Biro Barry, union negotiator, before Conte’s announcement [citat från Aljazeera].

23 dead in continued clashes in Guinea strike:

23 people have been reported dead after further clashes between striking workers and goverment forces in Guinea. After a day of violence on Saturday which left at least 23 people dead the union coalition which called for the original indefinite strike has added the demand that the President, Nasana Conte, resign as well. The clashes were sparked by the nomination of Eugene Camara, a close ally of the president, for the post of Prime Minister. Ibrahima Fofana, one of the leaders of the coalition described the nomination as an insult to the Guinean people and to the unions. A mass demonstration attended by thousands on Sunday was followed by a continuation of the general strike today [citat från Libcom].


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